The REME Family

The REME Association

The REME Association represents the whole REME Family every person who has spent a day in REME is a member, this also extends to their family members and friends should they wish to join.  The REME Association is here to connect you to like-minded individuals, support you and your family either through emotional support of through the resources of The REME Charity and it provides a place for you to REMEmber your service.  The REME Association has a number of regional branches and groups that are there to help you keep in touch.  It is also aiming to grow a professional network that both serving and retired members can use throughout their lives.

Once REME, Always REME

Where do we operate?

The REME Association would like to think it is everywhere!  We have a number of regional ‘Branches’ and ‘Special Interest Groups’ that promote and encourage the comradeship supported by The REME Association.  Details of Branches can be found here.

Welfare and Support.

Our networks and links with other organisations allow us to identify where there is a need for help and support, and to help ensure this is delivered. Our continually growing networks help increase our reach such that we are able to offer support to more REME family members, wherever it is required.

Anyone who has served, or is serving in REME and their family is a member of the REME Association for life.

Is there a fee?

Anyone who has served a day in REME is a member of the REME Association for life and this includes their partner.  The Association is predominantly funded by The REME Charity whose main income is via the Day’s Pay Scheme in which the vast majority our serving officers and soldiers (both Regular and Reserve) are enrolled. The bottom line is with a much smaller Corps than when the Association was formed following WWII, it now stands at c8,700 serving Regular and Reserve strength, fewer officers and soldiers contributing = less income. It was agreed by the Trustees of The REME Charity that the Reform Project must seek additional income streams in order to keep the work and aims of The REME Charity, and thus The REME Association, sustainable.  Therefore, should you wish, an annual voluntary donation can be made to The REME Charity (the suggestion is £15 per annum) which would help continue the activities of the Association and further the aims of The REME Charity.

The Executive Committee

The REME Association is governed by an Executive Committee that comprises of members of Regimental Headquarters and Regional Representatives that have been selected by members.  The committee takes direction and answers to the Trustee of The REME Charity.  Members of the committee are listed below:


  • Colonel I J Phillips ADC – Chairman and Vice President
  • Brigadier (Retd) N T S Williams MBE – Vice Chairman
  • Major L J Condron – Representative Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Mr A Baker – Representative North
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) J Woodall – Representative Midlands
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) Syd Thomas – Representative Wales
  • Mr M Evans – Representative South West
  • Colonel (Retd) M Crabbe – Representative South East
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retd) D W White – Corps Secretary
  • Major (Retd) G Wright-Rivers – Association Development Manager (Secretary)

The Corps

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Contact Details

Maj (Retired) Geordie Wright-Rivers

REME Association Development Officer
T. 07590 848766

“No matter if you are a Regular, Reservist or retired you are a member of the REME Family for life.