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The REME Association

The REME Association was formed in 1945 to foster and preserve the spirit of comradeship between all members of the Corps and especially those no longer serving.  The REME Association is often referred to as the REME Family with all members of the Corps, serving or retired and their families, being lifetime members.  All activities are fully supported by the Regimental Headquarters and the REME Charity. 

Once REME, Always REME

 The aims of the REME Association are:


•  To foster pride and ‘esprit de corps’ in the Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers across our serving and veteran communities.

• To provide a platform for those who have served in the Corps to keep in touch and keep alive a spirit of comradeship and a sense of belonging.

•  Through the REME Benevolent Fund, provide assistance to any serving or veteran member of the Corps, and their dependents, whenever they may find themselves in need, or financial distress, through no fault of their own.

•  To provide a service assisting serving and veteran members of the Corps with transition and resettlement into civilian life.

Welfare and Support

Our networks and links with other organisations allow us to identify where there is a need for help and support, and to help ensure this is delivered. Our continually growing networks help increase our reach such that we are able to offer support to more REME family members, wherever it is required.

Anyone who has served, or is serving in REME and their family is a member of the REME Association for life.

Is there a fee?

Anyone who has served a day in REME is a member of the REME Association for life and this includes their partner.  The Association is predominantly funded by The REME Charity whose main income is via the Day’s Pay Scheme in which the vast majority our serving officers and soldiers (both Regular and Reserve) are enrolled. The bottom line is with a much smaller Corps than when the Association was formed following WWII, it now stands at c8,700 serving Regular and Reserve strength, fewer officers and soldiers contributing = less income. It was agreed by the Trustees of The REME Charity that the Reform Project must seek additional income streams in order to keep the work and aims of The REME Charity, and thus The REME Association, sustainable.  Therefore, should you wish, an annual voluntary donation can be made to The REME Charity (the suggestion is £15 per annum) which would help continue the activities of the Association and further the aims of The REME Charity.

REME Association Executive Committee

Chairperson and Vice President – Col I J Phillips ADC

Vice Chairperson – Col M C Oakes

Corps Secretary – Vacant

Corps ASM – WO1 (CASM) M Lynch

Secretary – Maj (Retd) G R G Wright-Rivers

Regional Representatives

 Scotland – Maj L J Condron REME

Northern Ireland – Mr W McNaul

Wales – Mr Paul Davies

North – Mr Ian Brunskill

Midlands – Lt Col (Retd) J Woodall and Des: Mr Paul Chadderton

South West – Vacant

South East – Col (Retd) M Crabbe

If you have an interest in starting a new REME Association Branch or becoming involved in another way, please contact the REME Association by email at association@remecharity.org.