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Corps Dinner Night - January

Officers' Mess

18 January, 2024

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Officers' Mess

23 February, 2024

HQ Sergeants’
and WO Mess

HQ Sergeants’
WO Mess

Headquarters Sergeants’ and Warrant Officers’ Mess

The aim of the Headquarters Sergeants’ and Warrant Officers’ Mess is to provide the facilities of a central mess for all REME SNCOs and to provide a mess in which the Corps may hold central SNCO functions and entertainment. Every serving Sgt and WO who contributes via the Day’s Pay Scheme is a member of the Mess.


The Headquarters Mess is located in the Home of the Corps at The Prince Philip Barracks, MOD Lyneham, Lyneham, Chippenham, SN15 4XX.  It also hosts the Sgt and WO Mess for the Defence College of Technical Training (DCTT), HQ DSEME, The REME Arms School, 8 (Training) Battalion REME and 5 (Theatre Support) Battalion REME.


The Mess is funded via contributions to the Day’s Pay Scheme.  The Trustees of the REME Charity are custodians of all property and capital held within the mess and have delegated funds through the Corps ASM and the Executive Committee of the Mess.  Funds are spent in accordance with the objectives of The REME Charity and Queen’s Regulations.

Apply for a Grant

To apply for funding please email the Corps ASM Mark Lynch on: mark.lynch884@mod.gov.uk

Contact Details

WO1 (CASM) M Lynch – PMC
T. 01249 894503

WO2 (AQMS) J Haddon – Deputy PMC
T. 01249 894530

Local Mess Contact Details

Ms Clare Ford – Mess Manager
T. 01249 894895

Mrs Sarah Day– Front of House Manager
T. 07493778130

Mrs Tonia Watts – Mess Accountant
T. 01249 894897