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 REME Welfare

The REME Charity supports around 5families every year and we spend around £400,000 on what we call welfare. This includes anything from:

  • Compassionate flights to see your loved ones in time of need
  • Practical help when relationships break down and partner need to move out
  • In-time Counselling sessions with accredited practitioners
  • Respite breaks for individuals and/or their families

For our veterans:

  • Care home fee top-ups
  • Home modifications, wheelchairs and other aids
  • Counselling and respite breaks

If in doubt, just contact our welfare team and ask. If at all possible, we will find a way. We can also offer practical help and support from our REME Responders – maybe a chat on the phone or a visit will help you figure out what you need? Your comrades are standing by for your call.

We have no case workers in the field, so we collaborate closely with other agencies, such as SSAFA. This video clip explains how you go about accessing our support: