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What’s On Your
Mind Campaign

What’s On
Your Mind

What’s On Your Mind Campaign

What’s On Your Mind is a special part of our Lifting the Decks campaign, dedicated to supporting the wellbeing and emotional issues within the REME Family community. It is an opportunity for YOUR voice to be heard: whether you’re a serving or veteran REME family member, we’re inviting you to share your experiences, both positive and negative, in any creative way that speaks to you. It could be through a blog post, an interview, a heartfelt poem, or even your own unique artwork. We warmly welcome and encourage all contributions, whatever the format, however the tone. The most important aim of WOYM is for comrades to open up to each other, and achieve a feeling of support and unity from shared experiences.

Contributions can also be anonymous, if you prefer.

If you’re interested in contributing and sharing your stories and experiences, please reach out to Rory Cahill at communications@remecharity.org.

Please see below for the latest contributions.

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