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REME Reunion 2024

The Delta Hotel by Marriot, Warwick

19th - 21st April 2024

Corps WOs' and Sgts Mess Spring Guest Dinner Night

Harris MM WOs' and Sgts' Mess

25 April 2024

Corps Dinner Night

HQ Officers' Mess

16 May 2024

REME Junior Officers' Dinner Night

HQ Officers' Mess

13 June 2024

Beating Retreat June 2024

Princess Marina Officers' Mess

20 June 2024


The REME Offer

Re-joiner Insights & Observations

‘’I chose to re-join because civilian life wasn’t what it was made out to be and neither were the jobs. The extra money I earned ended up going on the general cost of living, whereas in the military you are supported with a variety of allowances and benefits, helping to support your family. I am better off financially now than what I was as a civilian and I look at my career in a different light to what I did before I left.’’

LCpl Redshaw (VM Class 1)

 “I have re-joined with the intent of becoming an Artificer. As a Tech Elec service leaver, I missed the stable progression and opportunities the Corps had to offer, but also the Corps invests in its people, aligning courses with civilian accreditation. In civilian industry I had to pay for all my courses in order to seek out the next step in my career.”

Sgt Terry (Tech Elec Class 1) 

Professional and Personal Development Opportunities in Engineering, Leadership and Management

A REME career has a structured progression, from apprenticeship level 2/3 to Degree level and special agreements in place with Professional Engineering Institutes, with subsidised membership, offering Professional and Personal career pathways within the Corps, in addition to other Army funding streams.

Serving REME members can access information via the REME Whole Life Development Sharepoint page.

 Allowances and Benefits



Subsidised accommodation, with SFA charges frozen at Apr 22 rates, and financial support in purchasing your first home through Forces Help to Buy. Released on the 19 Sep 23 take a look at the New Accommodation Offer (www.gov.uk/guidance/new-accommodation-offer) which will come into effect from the 11 Mar 24.

Healthcare and Welfare

Free health, dental and welfare provision. Free gym membership and use of sports facilities. Subsided food and messing with the daily food charge frozen at £5.61p for the second year running.

Flexible Service, Flexible Working, Childcare and Schooling

Discover the ways you can change your working pattern to suit your lifestyle with the introduction of Flexible Service, Flexible Working and if eligible, the possibility to claim up to £3,400 in childcare costs through the Wraparound Childcare Scheme and support to your child’s / children’s education in the form of Continuous Education Allowance (CEA).


Home to Duty, Duty Travel and Relocation allowance.

 Career Prospects and Stability

Opportunity for long term, stable career contracts with good promotion rates and incremental pay progression, strengthened by 2023’s pay award of 5% and a consolidated increase of £1,000.

 In-Barracks v Civilian Sector

As part of the working week, time allocated to conduct physical training, sports and other training activities as well as the flexibility to attend health and welfare appointments. This is not reflected within the civilian sector.

 Funded Sport and Adventurous Training

Unique opportunities to participate in sports, governed by the REME Sports Association and supported by the REME Charity, Adventurous Training pursuits, Battlefield studies and other activities during work.


The Army pension remains one of the best non-contributory pension schemes in the country.

Support to the Cost of Living

As a one stop shop for all things ‘Cost of Living’, including the support from the Army / Defence and where to go for external support and advice visit the Army’s ‘Cost of Living’ Group on ‘Defence Connect’ via the ‘Defence Gateway’.

Travel, Deployments and Detachments

Opportunities for a variety of assignments

in c.200 locations throughout the UK and overseas. As a result of deploying, you could also be eligible for additional pay, allowances and leave as compensation for working in difficult conditions and being separated from your family and friends.

Leave Entitlement

38 days (inclusive of bank holidays) annual leave compared to the statutory entitlement of 28 days (inclusive of bank holidays), as well as maternity / paternity / adoption / relocation relatedleave and allowances.

More information about benefits can also be found on the Army website.