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REME Junior Officers' Dinner Night

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13 June 2024

Beating Retreat June 2024

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20 June 2024

REME Institution Summer Ball July 2024

Princess Marina Officers' Mess

27 July 2024

REME Cenotaphs Veterans Parade

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Welcome to the REME Charity

We are here to support the REME Family – all members past and present, regular, reserve or retired and their families. If you have worn our cap-badge for even only one day, you and your family are part of it, always.

There are many ways in which we work to enhance and improve REME life and have done so, in one guise or another, for almost as long as the Corps exists. Our charitable aims boil down to funding activities that foster esprit de corps – a deep sense of belonging to the ‘team’ – and to make life a little better for our family members.

So, whether you are serving and belong to a sports team, have a great idea for an Adventure Training Expedition or find yourself in need of some help, contact us.

For our past members, we continue to be at your beck in call, from transitioning out of military service to care home fee support – you can count on us.

What we do

The REME Charity helps to meet the needs of the REME Family, which more often than not exceed the resources available to the Corps. We do this predominantly through financial grants, and our independent status allows us to step in where other hands are often tied.

Our income is derived from the Days Pay Scheme (payroll giving) of serving soldiers, from carefully invested reserves, donations (including those from our veteran community) and fundraising (including challenge events, legacies and sponsorship).

Our professional team is always keen to learn how we can best spend our funds in support of the REME Family. Communication is key and we regularly undertake surveys and research.