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CWWO Kelvin Redshaw visited Simon Vaughan earlier this week. Simon as ever was in good spirits and very much looking forward to a visit to Lyneham in the future. Simon would like to pass his thanks onto the Corps for all the support he has received and feels reassured that the REME Charity and Corps, will always be there for him and his family.

Arte et Marte Si.


Simon Vaughan Award for Excellence Coin.

Simon was injured on OPERATION HERRICK 9 in 2008. Simon was on a reconnaissance patrol when his vehicle hit a roadside Improvised Explosive Device.

The Simon Vaughan award provides trade champions a coin that can be presented to tradespersons that are deemed to have provided exceptional contributions to their CEG.  The coin represents the Esprit de Corps of REME Personnel and will only be awarded to those that fulfil a stringent criterion and on approval of the trade committee.

The award is available for all CEGs, with exception of the Avionics and Aircraft CEGs. These trades have existing awards.  All ranks can be nominated, for the Simon Vaughan Award for Excellence coin. Further information can be found in Corps Instruction H4.

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