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Veteran and REME Responder Barry Faith has kindly allowed us to share this poem from his book Poems From The Heart. Find out more about the book at https://heart-poems.com/


Upon hearing of the death of Tom Wellard, in May 2013, age 66 years.

Tom was a fellow REME traveller at 36 Heavy Air Defence Regiment circa 1971-1974.


Our ageing vulnerability,

Only comes to light when I hear or see,

A friend or colleague’s recent passing,

Reminds me of life, non-everlasting.


The end will come to us all,

None can escape the final call;

What stays with those who are left,

Are memories, words and pictures kept.


To late departures and those yet to go,

A farewell now will mean you know,

A cheery goodbye with thoughts in mind,

Memories within me are enshrined.

August 2013