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Beating Retreat June 2024

Princess Marina Officers' Mess

20 June 2024

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Princess Marina Officers' Mess

27 July 2024

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Royal Hospital Chelsea

21 July 2024

reme officer and dog with child

Company of Makers is a charitable organisation that;

exists to support Veterans who are struggling on civvy street no matter how long ago they left the Armed Forces. We design and make products inspired by the British military’s influence on pop culture. Think of Sergeant Peppers or the MOD’s and the RAF roundel, then you’ll be in the right ball park. From trench coats to duffle coats, khaki to navy blue, sailor collars to camouflage fabric. Military chic is everywhere, as influential as ever and as cool as ever.”

– from Company of Makers Website

They have produced some fantastic content, including their recent Operation Telic podcast series, and also offer talks and workshops. Find out more at www.companyofmakers.com #companyofmakers #whatsonyourmind #OnceREMEAlwaysREME