The REME Sports Association was formed in 1948 with the object of organising certain sporting and recreational activities on a Corps basis and was there to give financial and administrative help and advice on sports matters whenever needed.  A central committee was established to administer Sports Association affairs; to regulate general policy and be the managing trustees of all funds and property of The Sports Association.  The REME Sports Association was registered as a charity in March 1966 and linked to The REME Benevolent Fund in February 1980; when The REME Charity was formed in 2016 The REME Benevolent Fund and its linked charities were formally linked.  Key dates of The REME Sports Association are detailed below:


  • The award of Corps Colours was introduce in 1950.
  • 2010 saw the introduction of the prestigious Sportsperson of the Year Award.
  • 2013 the Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced.

REME Charity

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Contact Details

Maj R Grewal

Corps Sports Secretary

“I place a huge premium on sport in the Army. It helps our Army win in battle and plays a vital role in welfare, morale, operational effectiveness and recovery.”

CGS at the Army Sports Awards