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20 June 2024

The Corps’ oldest Founder Member, Mr Ernest Horsfall sadly passed away on 20th Feb 2024 at the age of 105 years old. Col DHarris, WO1 (RSM) Lord, WO1 (ASM) Garrett, WO2 (CWWO) Redshaw, WO2 (AQMS) Colbert, SSgt Hunt, Sgt Grundy, Sgt Parkin and LCpl Lynch Roe were all in attendance to pay their respect and represent the Corps.


Ernest served from 1940 to 1946, swiftly reaching the rank of SSgt and was heavily involved in the North Africa campaign.  It was during his time in the Corps that he became inspired to fly following a trip in an RAF Flying Boat.


At the age of 43 he took his first flying lesson whilst working as a test and experimental engineer for Vauxhall and Jowett Motors. In the years since, Ernest had owned 58 Aircraft, filled 5 pilots’ logbooks and as an accredited aircraft inspector for the Light Aircraft Association, had inspected thousands of aircraft across the country, checking for airworthiness in annual inspections, similar to a car’s MOT. Ernest was an acknowledged expert on the Jodel Light Aircraft type, and personally imported a significant proportion of these French aircraft that are currently on the UK register. He remained active as an engineer and inspector until March 2021, just ahead of his 103rd Birthday. He was also acknowledged as a wooden aircraft repair expert by both the British and Icelandic civil aviation authorities and, until COVID intervened, was still travelling to Iceland to oversee aircraft restorations. More than 60 years of service to light aviation is an outstanding achievement for which he was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to Light Aviation in 2022.


We will never forget, and always be grateful, for what all our founder members did in 1942, playing a huge part in where the Corps is today.


Arte et Marte Ernest