Recovery Mechanic’s Branch

About our branch

The Recovery Mechanics Branch was formed on the Corp Birthday 2020 as a National Branch of the REME Association.  We have no fixed abode or base and our members are spread far and wide, not only across the United Kingdom but worldwide including the United States, New Zealand, Australia Spain, Holland and others. 

We are proud to be the First Trade Branch of the REME Association and as a Recovery Mechanic regardless of the rank you achieved, length or type of service, regular or reservist, serving or retired this is YOUR branch.  The equipment we have all used may have changed over the years, vehicles, uniform, webbing and weapons.  The training areas have gotten fewer, even our home has changed but as a Recovery Mechanic we have ALL carried that pulley block, pulled out that winch rope and been up to our armpits in water.  Locations come and go, kit changes but the Recy Mech “can do” attitude remains as strong as ever.

Our committee, like our membership reflects the different generations.  We also have committee members to represent both serving regular and reservists and a dedicated veteran’s member ensuring unparalleled inclusivity for all our members regardless of when they served, where they served and who they served with.

When you join the Corps you become a life member of the REME Association, as do your immediate family.  Retired or serving you may already be active in a local branch but there is no limit to the number of branches you can join.  As a member of “God’s Trade” we want you to join your own trade branch and continue to enjoy that Recovery Mechanic Esprit de Corps we are famous for throughout the world.  It’s free, come and join us.

Branch Meetings

The Committee meet virtually on a regular basis, there are currently no plans to meet physically due to our nomadic status.  We plan to have at least one meeting annually where members will be invited to attend.  However members do not have to wait until this meeting to let us know any ideas or issues, we encourage all members to have their say through our branch contact email address.

Joining Fees and Annual Subscription

There are currently No Joining or Subscription Fees

Branch Committee

President– Major (Retired) John Sibley
Chairman– Mr Brian Cronie
Membership and Fund Manager– Mr Bob Fullbrook
Secretary – Mr Chris Zeil
Communication’s Member – Mr Matthew Lambert
Serving Member – Sgt Ross Mellon
Veterans Member – Mr Steve Robertshaw                                              Reservist Member – Mr Mark O’Mahony

Upcoming Events

We currently have no events planned.  Again, we invite all members to let us know if they have any ideas for events.  When any are planned we will inform members via our Facebook page, branch newsletter and emails, so keep an eye open.

Contact Details

Mr Bob Fullbrook –  Branch Membership Secretary

Lt Col (Retired) Stuart Cowen – Membership Manager
T. 07590 848766

Mrs Hayley Bodman – Assistant Secretary
T. 01249 894524