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There are a number of ways to help The REME Charity and by virtue The REME Family.  Listed below are a number of ways you can help monetarily, however, spreading the good work The REME Charity does is another way to help; as a relatively new charity, we are in the shadows of our predecessors, making people aware of our existence will allow us to continue to support all of the REME family

The Day’s Pay Scheme

What is the Day’s Pay Scheme?

The Day’s Pay Scheme is an Army wide initiative launched in 1964 that gave serving personnel the means to contribute to Regimental Charities.

How much do I Pay?

REME NCOs contribute 100% of one day’s pay annually to The REME Charity, REME SNCOs contribute 120% of one day’s pay annually, with 20% of this being used to fund the HQ Sergeants’ and WOs’ Mess.  Officers contribute 200% of a day’s pay to The REME Charity, the other 100% is split between The REME Institution and REME HQ Officers’ Mess.

The scheme for Reservists to contribute launched in April 2016.  Reservist soldiers contribute 25% of one day’s pay and Officers contribute 50% of a day’s pay.

Payments are deducted monthly from pay pre tax.  The REME Charity receives most of its income through this scheme.

What happens when I leave the Corps?

Subscriptions to the Days Pay Scheme cease automatically on discharge. However, you remain eligible for benevolence support for yourself and your dependants for life.

What is the money used for?

The Day’s Pay Scheme is the majority of the income of The REME Charity and it aids all the areas covered in this website.


If you need more information or want to check if you are contributing please contact Ms Pam Bailey-Yates at


Donate to The REME Charity!

There are a number of ways to donate to The REME Charity:

  • Via the donate button at the top of this page.
  • Via the join button at the top of this page and leave your service details.
  • Consider making an annual voluntary donation to The REME Charity.  Should you wish to do this please contact:

Thank you for your support.

Leave a Legacy

Legacies are left through the donor’s will or simply by a declaration to the executors with instructions as to how and to which charity the bequest is to be distributed.

Legacies to UK charities are exempt from inheritance tax (which at the time of writing is 40%), so it may help reduce the amount of tax payable if the estate is over the exempt threshold.  From April 2012, a reduced rate of inheritance tax of 36% was introduced for estates leaving 10% or more to charity.


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