The REME Benevolent Fund


The REME Charity exists to help the whole REME family, on the day you joined REME you became a member of the family and you will remain a member for the rest of your life.

We seek to support all members of REME and their families as best we can, whether you are regular, reserve or retired.  The REME Charity commits at least one third of their annual budget to aid in the benevolence of the REME family.  Further information can be found on this page, if you wish for any additional information please contact us.


The REME Charity is a grant giving charity and we are dedicated to committing at least a third of our annual budget to the benevolence of the REME family. We all hope that members of our family won’t suffer hardship, however, hardship can hit us all.

The REME Charity’s objectives are varied and wide ranging.  If you find yourself in hardship please contact SSAFA or the Royal British Legion who will begin processing your case.  If you wish to talk to someone in The REME Charity please contact us and we will be happy to help.


In 2019 The REME Charity gave £278,743 to 424 benevolence cases in support of serving REME soldiers and officers, veterans and their families

The REME Charity also donated £85,000 to The ABF: The Soldiers’ Charity in 2019.  The ABF provides invaluable support to soldier and other organisations that assist The REME Family. 


The REME Charity aims to help all in need, however funds are not unlimited.  To qualify for support you must have served for at least one year in the Regular Army or at least three years in the Reserves (TA). However, we do assess every case on merit so please contact us if you need more information. 


Unfortunately, our staff in Regimental Headquarters are unable to complete casework.  SSAFA: The Armed Forces Charity and The Royal British Legion complete the majority of our casework on our behalf.  Please contact them for more information. 

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Chief Executive 
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Operations Manager
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Babs Harris – Chief Executive Officer