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25 April 2024

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Lt. Oliver Clarke

Event Coordinator 

The REME Shoot 2023



The REME Corps are invited to The REME Shoot 2023 on Wednesday the 13th of December 2023 by the kind invitation of the Bulford & Tidworth Garrison Shoot (BTGS). Please see details below.  



The intent for the day is to participate with fellow REME fieldsport enthusiasts and further develop esprit de corps, no matter of rank, for an inclusive, affordable, and fine day of fieldsports with our REME family provided by the BTGS as one of the leading military shoots. After there’ll be a pre-dinner reception with dinner at a local country pub.

The BTGS is a non-profit organisation and works tirelessly in the effort of conservation and sustainable shooting within the Salisbury Plain area and is looking to strengthen regimental ties with the local garrisons and Units.


Shoot Laydown

50 bird driven day, predominantly pheasant, for 12 guns. Cartridges not provided, steel or lead cartridges are acceptable. BTGS has accommodated for the recent announcement of shooting near special protection areas by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. Any further questions on this matter, please contact the event organiser.


Team dinner at a local country pub with a pre-dinner reception.


Approx £265 per gun for the shoot. Cost of feeding, accommodation, etc, is TBC. The cost is not to exceed £340 per person for the day.


The REME family. Serving REME both regular and reserve, veterans, and open to all ranks (Officers, Warrant Officers, SNCOs, JNCOs and Craftsman). Depending on uptake the event maybe opened to guests.

Individuals must be a competent shot, have a valid shotgun license, and fieldsports insurance. Proof will be required.


In the vicinity of Bulford & Tidworth, Wiltshire.


Date of event. All day,13 December 23.


Bid by / ballot closes. 15 September 23.
Results. 4 October 23.

How to apply

Please complete the below form.