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Future Soldier

A message from the Master General – Lieutenant General PW Jaques CB, CBE

​The Future Soldier Guide and Implementation Order released today sees REME remaining central to the Army’s ability to fight.  It implicitly recognises the benefit that REME soldiers bring to supporting and leading operations at home and overseas.  Future Soldier sees the Corps evolving its structure and developing the engineering skills our people will need to support the battlespace and equipment of tomorrow.  A new REME Battalion will form quickly in Aldershot (9 Theatre Support Battalion REME); 7 Aviation Support Battalion REME has a broader role and all our Reserve Battalions have grown to meet a defined warfighting role which includes a specific task to support first line.  More widely there is no change to the balance of ES effort between first and second line and our basing is stable.  As a result, the relative size of the regular elements of the Corps remains 10% of the regular force and the reserve requirement has increased.

We now have to deliver this transformation and do so professionally.  This is nothing new to the Corps; we have dealt with significant change ever since our formation and done so well.  Key to working through these changes in detail will be to understand the impact on our people and how to deliver the outcomes while managing individuals with sensitivity.

[Please now read and digest the Future Soldier Briefing Packs published today.  Col REME supported by others looks forward to discussing the finer detail of today’s announcement with REME commanders during the REME Future Soldier Roadshow over the period 3 – 9 December].