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Lifting the Decks QR Poster

*UPDATED FOR 2023 – Simpler, single QR code design

The Lifting the Decks QR poster has been designed by RHQ as a resource of all our serving and retired family members. The poster uses a QR code to point the user to useful support resources ranging from alcohol abuse to domestic violence.

We encourgage every REME Unit to print and display the poster in all blocks and communal living areas, a higher quality pdf for printing can be found at this link. If you have trouble printing this poster and you need financial support for printing costs from the REME Charity please contact the Operations Manager on: 

Monday Morning Brew Initiative

Perhaps the single most important point of all is the Buddy-Buddy system. This is likely to be a widely familiar concept, but with a Mental Health (MH) focus. We do not need to be qualified or experienced MH Practitioners to have meaningful MH and wellbeing conversations with one another. We need to be genuinely curious about others, to ask meaningful questions, to recognise changes in ourselves and in others, and to listen empathetically always. We, all of us, are our own greatest weapon against MH decline. Informal, unplanned, and unstructured conversations can and do save lives. Set the example, initiate MH conversations, and normalise MH discussions. The ‘Lifting the Decks Monday Morning Brew’ initiative is a deliberate opportunity to facilitate these types of discussions in an effort to normalise MH discussions. If you need a high quality pdf of the poster please email:

Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling – Mind.