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How do I apply for my Veterans Badge?

All ex-service personnel are eligible to apply for a Veterans badge.  Please follow this link to apply for yours.  Please note Regimental Associations cannot apply for a badge on your behalf and they are not automatically sent when you leave service.

How can I contact old REME Friends?

Please contact RHQ on 01249 894524 if you are looking for old friends.  Please note we hold limited information on personnel and unless they have given their explicit consent for us to share that data we are unable to share their information.  Please make sure you keep your contact details and preferences up to date with RHQ so we are able to assist you better.

How can I access my service records?

Regimental Headquarters no longer hold service records, should you wish to see a copy of your records please contact Veterans UK on 0808194218 who will be able to assist.

How can I access my pension?

Please contact the Forces Pension Society on 020 4500 9988 or memsec@forpen.co.uk for any enquirers relating to your pension.