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Teesside Branch

About our branch

The Teesside Branch of the REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) Association was formed in Billingham with the inaugural meeting taking place at Billingham Catholic Club, where we have remained ever since.

The aims of The REME Association are to,

Foster Esprit de Corps and well-being of the Corps. To keep those who have served in or with the Corps in touch with one another with a view to keeping alive the spirit of comradeship.

To help, in conjunction with The REME Charity and other welfare agencies, both former and serving members of the Corps and their dependants who find themselves in difficulty.

Branch affairs are run on a collaborative basis. We have a committee and hold monthly meetings with Committee Officers reporting to the members upon matters relating to the Branch, and any planned activities. The Branch also has a formal AGM which is held in February.

Our Welfare Officer keeps in touch with members who are ill or need additional support and reports to the monthly meeting regarding contact with members. Every effort is made to provide the necessary support to members and their families if requested. This may be either directly, or by signposting agencies and organisations who can provide more specialist assistance. The Branch also has a Standard Bearer who can attend events if available.

While membership of the REME Association is automatically conferred upon everyone who has served in REME, there is currently a thriving Branch membership. While members are predominately REME, we also welcome members from other regiments and Corps, as well as family members.

Members attend many REME and wider military events such as the Annual Reunion weekend, REME Sunday at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, Remembrance services both nationally and locally. We also have a good relationship with regular units in the area, particularly I CS Battalion.

Members also take part in a wide variety of social events and visits, both as a Branch, as well as meeting up on a regular basis with other Branches across the Northeast area. As expected of any good REME personnel, we are always looking to develop this social aspect further.

Branch Meetings

Our regular monthly Branch meetings are held at Billingham Catholic Club, Wolviston Road, Billingham, TS23 2RU at 19:30 on the Second Wednesday of each month.

We also host a REME Breakfast meeting at The Last Post Memorial Bar & Museum, Cranworth Street, Thornaby, TS17 7DR at 09:30 on the last Sunday of each month.

Joining Fees and Annual Subscription

There is no fee to join the REME Association, There is however an annual subscription due on joining as a Branch member.

This is currently set at £10.

Branch Committee


Mark Goggs 07886341894


Dave Ibinson 07972700891 / SecREMETeesside@outlook.com

Standard Bearer

Ian Brunskill  07940737661

Upcoming Events

We currently have no activities planned apart from the activities that take place at the monthly meetings.

Contact Details

Email:  SecREMETeesside@outlook.com 

The Branch currently have both a Facebook page, Teesside REME Association, and a Facebook group, REME Association Teesside Branch.

We also have a monthly newsletter which is sent directly to those who opt into the Branch mailing list, as well as being uploaded to Facebook.

Dave Ibinson – Secretary Teesside Branch

Telephone – 07972700891                       

Email – SecREMETeesside@outlook.com