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REME Junior Officers' Dinner Night

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13 June 2024

Beating Retreat June 2024

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20 June 2024

REME Institution Summer Ball July 2024

Princess Marina Officers' Mess

27 July 2024

REME Cenotaphs Veterans Parade

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November 2024

Recovery Mechanic’s Branch

About Our Branch

The Recovery Mechanics Branch is a National Branch of REME Association and was formed on 1st October 2020. It was formally known as the Recovery Mechanics Branch of the Royal British Legion. Branch Membership is exclusively for Veteran, Serving and Reservist Recovery Mechanics.


The aims of the Branch are:

 ·      Comply with the requirements of REME Association “REME 75 Rules”.

·      To foster a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty within the Branch Members. 

·      To stay in touch with, retain and keep alive comradeship and spirit of Recovery Mechanics who have served or are serving. 

·      Establish links between Serving and ex Service Members and families of the branch with the view to assisting all where necessary and possible. 

·      Where it is possible to do so, assist families in the event of the passing of a Branch Member.

·      Explore ways in which the membership can contribute through fundraising events to charities, including REME Charity.

·      Holding events, rotating to various locations throughout the UK and beyond, giving all members opportunity for occasional attendance with minimal travel.

·      Subscribe to and assist where possible, when requested, to the administration of the Recovery Mechanics Memorial Wall, located within Prince Phillip Barracks, Lyneham.

·      Support the initiative of REME Responders.

Branch Meetings

The Branch holds Monthly Meetings + AGM. The meetings are scheduled for 1900 hours on the second Thursday of each month. All meetings, except for the AGM, are held via video link. The AGM Meeting is held around September/October in the same location as the Branch Annual Bow Shackle Ball. 

Joining Fees and Annual Subscription

Branch Membership is free, each new member receives a Branch Pin Badge upon joining.Branch Honorary Membership is available to the immediate family members of a deceased member, upon joining they receive an Honorary Members Pin Badge.

The Branch have no retaining subscriptions.

Branch Committee

Welfare Contact:  welfare.rma@gmail.com

Veteran Contact:  b19stu@hotmail.co.uk

Serving Contact:  joe1232005@live.co.uk

Reservist Contact: Vacant.

Merchandise Manager: Robertshaw.steve@yahoo.com

Upcoming Events

Currently there are no firm planned events as dates have yet to confirmed for the Branch Annual Bow Shackle Ball/AGM and an overseas trip to continue our theme of “Respect” in visiting War Graves in Europe.
Branch & Honarary members can join our Facebook and WhatsApp groups, please contact us for details. 

Contact Details

All other Branch business including REME Connect contact should be made through the chairman at: