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Corps Dinner Night - January

Officers' Mess

18 January, 2024

Corps Regimental Guest Dinner Night

Officers' Mess

23 February, 2024

Kettering & Corby Branch

About our branch

The branch has been established since 1985 and our members and guests enjoy a range of regular social activities. We also visit other REME Association branches and take part in their activities. We strongly support the aims of the REME Association and welcome the opportunity to link with and support serving and retired members of the Corps and their families/dependents.
Our members have a good knowledge of the social and employment opportunities in our region and welcome inquiries from serving members who are considering settling in the area.

Branch Meetings

103 Battalion REME, Claire St, Northampton.

The Branch now meets on an adhoc basis at various venues around Northants and Rutland.

We are always seeking to increase membership and welcome enquiries from serving or retired REME personnel.


Joining Fees and Annual Subscription

Currently our Branch numbers 16 and we do not have a subscription fee.

Branch Committee

Chairman:    David Ormond    

Secretary:    Violet Ormond

Std bearer:    Not nominated

Upcoming Events

We currently have no activities planned apart from the activities that take place at the monthly meetings.

Contact Details

Secretary:    Violet Ormond:    tel:    07984631190    violetormond@yahoo.co.uk